Sunday, April 5, 2015

2015 - week 9

Christian is a few weeks away from joining Mike's 11 year-old scouts, so he got to go on their Winter day camp.

Tiger likes sitting in the flower pot on the back porch.

For Job Shadow Day, Bev was lucky and got to go with Aunt Robyn to shadow her work as a dental assistant.

She had an amazing experience, and loved the work.

It was Activity Days Recognition Night. Jessi, in true form, brought home a bag of popcorn and a cookie for each of her siblings.

Then, she and Christian did their homework. Charlie would not leave them alone and kept rolling around, begging for love.

It was the Chinese New Year celebration at the school.  Christian's class did a cool dance. It was fun watching all of the grades perform.

As we were waiting for Christian's turn, I noticed Mike playing Trivia Crack, his latest favorite.  Then he told me that the was playing Bev...during school.  Apparently, she answers trivia questions during class breaks.

The teachers did a great job planning the program and making is the year of the Ram.

His Chinese Immersion class.

Later that night, we had yet another date night out with the littles.  Drew and Bev were off with friends, so we took Christian and Jess to Training Table. Of course, making the call to place the order was the best part of the night.

Christian's wildest dream was to go hunting.  Mike and I don't hunt and aren't into guns.  This kid is super curious and is always wanting to try new things...nowadays it is guns and hunting.

 For his birthday, Mike made arrangements at a Pheasant Grove, a place where they provide the guides, the dogs and the birds.  Ryan went along to hunt. Mike and Bev went as observers.

He got the first one he shot at.

Ryan got some too.

Bev helped him skin them...

Uncle Ryan taught them how.

The Jensen's had a birthday party so we got the little guys.  The four of them played Harry Potter.

Drew and Mike did Fast Offerings and Christian went along.

This whole dress controversy was all in the news...

When Mike complimented me on my gold and white shirt.

When Mike decides to do a project, he just does it.  We had decided to build some additional storage in the garage. We looked at our neighbors, the next day, he bought the wood, and the day after, he and Drew build it.

Christian helped out too.  I am so glad that Mike teaches the kids to work, teaches them skills and works along side them.

Thank goodness for Grandma Huff.  My brain was already stressed with math problems when Bev asked a grammar question. So, I said, "call Grandma."  Bev took a picture of it and texted it to her, then called her.

I decided it was time to take down the Christmas wreath and make a Spring one.  Charlie would not stop playing with the flowers, and wouldn't get out of the center of the wreath.  And, I didn't mind at all because he is so cute.

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Amanda said...

Alisa I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I look up to and admire you and Mike. You both embody everything that parents should do to have a successful family. You make your kids a priority and it shows. You work together as a team. I can see a very deliberate culture that you have created for your family. You are teaching your kids to be strong, independent, contributing, kind, creative, self reliant people. You guys are always doing things that strengthen the bond of your family. I have learned so much from both of you and I adore you both!!