Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 - week 11

It was a big day for Christian...he was changing schools. We made the decision to take him out of the Chinese Immersion program, and he decided to go to our neighborhood school.  He got all ready the night before, with sticky notes and all.  

Clothes lined up...

Alarm set...

He is so excited to ride the bus, which picks him up right near our house.  Freddy walked down to see what all the fuss was about.

He gets to ride the bus and be in the same class as his two neighbor friends. His teacher seems great too.

He jumped right into the class projects and on day 2 prepared a demonstration speech. He taught how to handle a lacrosse stick.  He is so resilient and brave.  He was a little nervous, but so excited and happy for the new adventure.

Jess watched him go off to the bus, something she will be doing next year when she changes schools.

The hoop getting some good use. We love having so many great kids in our neighborhood.

Our friend Rob got Mike and the kids tickets to a private event Imagine Dragons concert.  The kids were in heaven.  Randy, Jack and Luke went too.

There were all kinds of events and games before the concert.

The dads could not look more excited.

My mom brought me some stuff from my childhood, including this raincoat. Jess loves to wear it whenever it rains.

Water polo is now in session.  I just love watching Drew play.

Huff party for Christian's birthday.  Luke and Alex stood like bouncers on his sides.

I surprised him with camo bedding.  I never thought I would buy such a thing, but alas, I have a child hunter.

Whenever the little cousins are here, Jess loads them up in the bike kid carrier and totes them around the yard.

Love these kids.

Mike and I went to Wendover for the 311 concert.  It was my first time in Wendover, and may be my last.  The concert was fun, but casinos are not my scene.

Pizza from The Pie for Pi Day.

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