Saturday, October 18, 2014

week 36

 Mike and the kids, along with a friend from work and his son, went biking with Sean.

The kitchen backsplash before pictures...

The almost done pictures…we ran out of tile. I was hoping for a loaves and a fishes type situation, but that didn't happen, so we are on hold until the order comes in.

We had a few tough cuts to make.

A few rows in and Mike decided that he wanted to do the measuring and cutting, and I would set the tile.  My measurement of "a smidgy" was annoying to him and didn't always work well...

We had our first PTA Mustang Stampede.  Christian is in there lined up to run.

Little Red Riding Hood after a soccer game.

Water polo match...

Drew met his friend downtown at ComicCon…he rode trax by himself…this is me letting go...

It was hard for this girl to wear red, but she did, and had a good time with her dad.

  Cat shirt and cat ear headband…so cute.

We went to Cedar City with Sean and Julie to watch Katie play.

I have sort of been working on Mike's Christmas stocking for 6.5 years. I really only work on it during road trips or when I decide to stitch while watching a movie…apparently I need more movies and road trips to get this bugger done.

Mike has injured himself running in the mountains and a few falls on his bike…not sure when he will realize he is not 20 years old anymore.


Rob said...

Good job on the stitching! It is beautiful and it can get so time consuming. I have at least 2 quilts in the making and four things I need to cross stitch and sometimes it is hard to motivate myself. :) You are awesome! And so is Drew. Water Polo looks so tough. _Diedre

Amanda said...

I think Ethan and Jessie are destined to be together. Despite his allergy to cats the boy is obsessed. He wants me to buy him cat clothing, cat toys, an actual cat. He even won't let me cut his nails because they are his cat claws. I need to send him over to your house to get his cat fix:)