Friday, October 10, 2014

week 39

We had a Jones family party and that gave us another chance to see Baby Trystin.  Drew loves babies.

Poor Courtney.  She was just walking out the door and suddenly got attacked.  My kids love to wrestle.

Posing with her new "scary" shoes.

Mike and the kids run a few times a week.  This night she didn't want to stop.  She ran 7 miles in 57 minutes.  She talked to her dad the whole time and on occasion wanted to hold his hand.

Christian wanted to campout.  He set up the tent, turned off the sprinklers, wrapped up in one blanket, in his normal pjs--underwear only, locked the gates and zipped himself in.  I took him some extra blankets, and when I put them in, Charlie joined the party.  The cat slept there all night, snuggled up with his boy.

Christian had a mid-week lacrosse game.

Four kids with homework is gonna kill me…thankfully Mike helps.  The kids always request him to help with math…it's not my strongest subject.

Perler beads have been all over the counter and floor this week. Jess is doing her Reflections project.

I was taking off for our girl's trip to Vegas, so I made Mike a schedule and list…He added bon-bins, ice cream and beer to the list… I have some issues with relinquishing control.  When I reminded Mike about a few things, he joked that he would even maybe remember to wipe himself and feed the kids.

I was leaving on a very busy weekend.

Mike took Drew to the elementary school to see one of his favorite teachers--Miss Romans.  He is now taller that her, and that makes him happy.

It was PTA Lunch on the Lawn.  Jessi said that they announced that the parents could bring little brothers and sisters for lunch too. She asked to bring Henry--her pretend little brother.  It made her day.

It was also Jessica's class store.  She had apparently earned lots of class money, because she bought a haul--with a special purchase for each member of the family.

When Mom's away, they all go to a buffet...

My two biggest concerns were Jessi's hair and the black cat coming home at night.  Mike sent me this to show me that the kids looked presentable for church.  It was the Primary program at sacrament meeting.  

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, we were having the time of our lives…great shows, good food and the best company.  My mom spoiled us.

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