Wednesday, October 15, 2014

week 37

Pumpkin patch in the front circle.

We had the best pack meeting ever…giant bubbles.

Wednesday, and I decided to take pictures of our everyday life…

The minute Blacky/Charlie/Klepto/Baby Cat hears a door open in the morning he bolts.  Wait, another nickname…Bolt.  I hate that he loves to roam. I hate that I see him in the street. I worry about that little guy.

Bev has been using the kid's bathroom the last few months…I walked by and she was reading Mockingjay as she was crimping her hair.

Drew got up early to make some invitations for a water polo party.

Then he had to add the time to the bottom of them.  Tile behind him is done…still waiting on more tile to be delivered to finish the rest of the kitchen.

Christian is off track, and being a slug.  He watches a little Netflix every day with Charlie by his side.

Poor Old Freddy. Every morning he parks himself in the doorway to our bedroom, or the walkway to the bathroom.  He just lies there until he has to go downstairs to potty.

The middle-schoolers waiting to head out for school.  

Wednesdays are one of my days to drive.  The drop off is a zoo.

Tiger and Charlie perch on the front room chairs and watch as their kids leave for the day.  

I got a new leave-in conditioner for Jessi.  As I was doing her hair, she suddenly became very concerned about the new product.  "Mom, is that really made with mixed up baby chicks?"

Jess with her pile of school papers, eating her cereal and looking at the American Girl magazine.

Every other day, the kid's lunches contain an apple, sliced up and put back together with a rubber band to keep it from getting brown.

The line-up of lunch boxes.  Christian and Jess take home lunch every day.  Drew and Bev take home lunch about half the time.

We have a carpool for Christian's school track, so when he is off track I drive Jessi every day.

Running to her class line.

After dropping her off, I worked for a few hours. While I was working I got a text from Drew saying that he had forgotten, but that he needed Bubble Yum for some science thing at school.  I left work just in time to get to a gas station and get it to him at school.  Three gas stations later, and I finally found Bubble Yum.  He was very grateful.

I got home and had Christian join the real world and get dressed for the day.  He played outside with a friend and I organized t-shirt orders for PTA.  They are the t-shirts with the kids' portraits on them.  It was a lot of work, but the side benefit was looking at the hilarious self-portraits.  I seriously LOL'ed more than a few times.  Kids are funny.

I try to catch Ellen every day.  I love having it on while I am cleaning, doing laundry, etc. Today I watched while I did PTA stuff.

My anniversary flowers are still going strong.

Before picking up the middle school carpool, I made one of my several weekly trips to Target.

Not only did he forget his bubble gum, he left his water polo stuff at home.  He goes from school to water polo.  

Bev did her practicing, and then went to piano.  I then picked up Jessi from school and headed out to pick up the water polo carpool.  Thank goodness for carpools, and also, I am getting tired of them.

Today I counted and I drove through this intersection 12 times.  It feels like I live in my car.

Jessi has discovered perler bead patterns on Pinterest.  This is Elsa.

Christian practiced lacrosse in the wet grass.

The middle-schoolers came home from school and announced that it was Chick-fil-a fundraising night for the school.  Yay. No cooking for me tonight.  Mike picked it up and we ate on the patio.  We are trying to get as much time out there as possible…outside time is quickly coming to an end.

Bev ate quickly and then left for soccer practice.

These two picked more grapes.

Showing off his skateboarding injury.

Drew went to Standard's Night at the Stake Center.  On my way home from picking up Jessi from dance, I saw him and his friends walking home.  He got a ride.

We normally don't watch much tv Monday through Thursday.  Everyone had their stuff done, so we watched part of America's Got Talent.  Freddy got all bothered at the act with the little dog.  His hackles were up and he started breathing heavily and growling.  Finally he got fed up with the dog and got up and left the room.

America's Got Talent inspired Drew and Bev to try some magic tricks with cards.  Tiger watched for a minute.

Christian got a new mouth guard.  Mike heated it up to fit him.

Amazon and are my friends…they are Mike's enemies.

Pretty grapes that will be juice and then jelly.

The first batch of grape jelly I made yesterday.

Jessi and Mike picked raspberries.

Bev took some pictures of flowers in the yard.

That was the end of Wednesday.  

I, along with a few other parents, had signed up to make salt dough for Jessi's class to make relief maps of Utah.  I went to sign her planner that morning and saw the reminder.  I ran her to school and told her teacher I would be back with the dough.  She then asked me, while I was at it, to make a double batch. Then I ran it back to the school.  The price I pay for not looking at my planner before bed.

We had our second fundraiser assembly, and my PTA president assistant got all the donuts tied on string before school.  I don't know what I would do without that girl.  Messy kitchen also photographed.

Mike came home from work Friday to water running down the driveway, coming from the back yard. We had a sprinkler pipe burst and the backyard was flooded.  The wood chips under the swings are usually a foot below the sidewalk.  They were totally raised.

The pit under the tramp was also full.  Thank goodness we have our own retention ponds.

As he was siphoning water out, we ended up with several neighbor kids in the yard that night.

He was trying to get it dried out because the next night we were hosting some of the water polo team for a party.  We got pizza, made s'mores and played mafia.

Saturday and we did the normal routine of divide and conquer.  I went to Drew's match in Kearns and Mike went to Christian's lacrosse game.

Then we met up at Bev's soccer came.  Christian was carrying my chair and Drew's Utah chair.  He expressed how humiliating it was to be carrying a Ute chair.

Sunday before church.  She braided her hair the night before and then crimped the rest.  She has such long hair.

These are from my closet.  We now have the same shoe size…a 10.

Then she drove home from church.  She and Drew alternate.  We wait until most people have left the parking lot.  It's only a few blocks, and it gives them some good practice.

We got to meet the newest baby in the family--Tyler and Hailey's Tristan.  He is so sweet and darling.

Mike and Christian had to be asked to hold him for a picture.  The rest of us couldn't get enough of him.

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