Wednesday, October 8, 2014

week 40

Only 12 more weeks in the year…I am going to try to do a week a day to catch up for my bad memory keeping these past few months.

Christian had his last week off track, and because I had so much going on, we didn't do many fun things.  I decided to make the last week count.  We had lunch at his favorite places--Jamba Juice and Noodles.  We took some friends to get some energy out at Airborne.  We did some shopping--the kid needed some new shoes and pants.  We spent an afternoon at The District, hitting all of the stores he wanted to.  We looked at Petco and he calculated the cost of raising a turtle.  He got a science craft kit at Hobby Lobby.  He looked at lacrosse stuff at Sports Authority.  We browsed Target for pet supplies and legos.  

He was the only human child at home, but thankfully his cat brother was home to keep him company.

While shopping, he decided to spend some of his money on this jacket/costume thing.  Your'e only 10 once.

PTA Reflections were due, so Christian and Jessi got to work…the theme is "The World Would Be a Better Place If…"

Christian chose to do photography.  His was titled "Remember Grandpa."

Jessi made a flat globe out of perler beads…lots and lots of perler beads.

Mike has a new responsibility as the 11 year-old scout leader.  They made s'mores and played tetherball in our yard.

Meet the Masters started back up and I was lucky to be assigned to teach the project on Marc Chagall.

Christian has been saving all summer for a gun.  He finally earned the last $15 right before Uncle Ryan got the gun for him.  Let's just say we are having lots of discussions about safety and rules.

Bev is having a great time playing with her new soccer team.  It's fun watching her play.

Christian plays goalie half the game, and then subs in on defense.  Also fun to watch.

Natalie, Landon and kids came for the weekend, so we got in some baby time.  The guys continued the tradition of going to Priesthood session together.  This year we ordered out so the ladies could relax and visit.

We took the opportunity of beautiful weather to go fishing at Strawberry.  Well, Mike and some of the kids fished.  I relaxed and slept.

That is Jessi next to me, bundled up sleeping too.

We also took the kids to eat at Ruth's Diner, on the patio…one of our favorite places in the mountains.

Mike and the kids ride bikes or run whenever we have a party at Jeremy and Robyn's.  Jessi got the royal treatment and got pulled.  Christian wanted to have a better workout and offered to pull her.

Bev and Mike ran.

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Rob said...

I love seeing updates on your cute family. Makes me feel like a slacker, but that is beside the point. :) You guys are great! Does Bev not do soccer goalie anymore? -Diedre