Tuesday, November 25, 2014

week 47

Jessi has been reading the Encyclopedia Brown books.  I had just put Bev's hair in sock curlers and she sat and listened to Jessi read the story.  The books are fun because you have to figure out the mystery at the end of each chapter.

Studio C is all the rage in the house lately.  Our latest favorite is the one of the goalie stopping the shots with his face.  Oh, the laughter that one causes.

Drew is taking a cooking class at school.  He loves to bring him samples of the food he made that day.  Today, he brought home a bag full of spaghetti for Dad to take to work for lunch.

Mike is such a good sport, with an iron stomach, and took it to work for lunch.

Christian graduated from DARE.  He learned to abstain from drugs and alcohol.  We have had some really good conversations about it lately…Oh, how I hope he remembers what he learned and how he felt learning this stuff.  Heather Anderson, Miss Utah 2007, comes every year to speak about her brother's struggle with and eventual overdose from drugs.

Jessi's class was one that won a slushy party for the PTA fundraiser.

It got cold and these two kept moving to different windows to sleep in the sunshine.

Charlie wants to be friends with Tiger.  He tries to wrestle her and be by her.  She is a little more, um, independent (read bratty) and rejects his affection and friendship.  This day, Drew crashed on the couch. Tiger came and sat on the back of the couch and Charlie came right by her.  I watched as he slowly moved closer and closer to her, eventually stretching out his arm to be close to Tiger.  She sat still, watching him closely.  He closed his eyes and went to sleep.  She sat there, eyes open, looking at his arm so close to her.

Charlie likes to be outside.  It makes me nervous and I want him to like being an inside cat.  Here he is on the fence with Bev chasing him to get him inside.  Later that day he ran out to the field and came back and threw up a mouse on the carpet.  The kids heard some squealing from me…and some curse words as I cleaned up chewed up mouse. That cat is grounded!

Ben is in town and he and Mike took the two littles to the aquarium.

Grandma Huff took the grandkids for the annual Christmas shopping trip to Target.  They all get to pick out the gift they want.  She buys the presents and then they agree to forget what they picked so they will be surprised on Christmas.  The kids look forward to it every year.

We hosted the Jones' for Thanksgiving on Friday night.  We always do it the weekend before the actual date so everyone can make it.

Lookin' cute in an apron. Mike and Jeremy carving the turkeys.

The gang.  We missed Grandma this year.

Every year she and Christian look forward to having their turkey legs.  They both polished them off.

Drew playing some tunes for the cousins.

Then the annual wrestling and dance party.  My kids love these girls.

We took Andrew and Bev to Mockingjay.  Ben, Katie and Courtney came along. It was such a good movie…my favorite so far.

The boys all went to the Jazz game while the girls had a girls night doing some shopping and having dinner at Costa Vida.

Finding some indoor activities now that the cold is upon us. The girls played Minecraft on the X-Box. Christian on his Kindle and Drew on the computer.  After an hour, we shut down the technology and got out a board game.

I asked Jessi to go get me a DP from the garage. She saw these two cans on the counter and said, "only two Diet Pepsis on the Sabbath, you need a big glass of water."  She then went and got me an ice water. #intervention #mommysdrinkingproblem

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Rob said...

I love you guys! You are all so fun and on top of life. I was glancing at a picture of your family way back when you had just moved from our ward. Holy cow! It is incredible how much kids can change and we do not realize it until we look back in time. Have a great Holiday season! -Diedre