Wednesday, December 17, 2014

week 48

We went to the Jazz game.  They played the Bulls and for the first half, the Jazz were getting killed. But, in the last quarter, it actually became a great game.  Drew couldn't come, so we brought Luke along.  (Looks like we need a family lesson on gang signs.)

I went with Bev to her college prep meeting with her counselor.  It is crazy to think we have to start planning for this now.  She is an excellent student, gets straight A's and takes advanced classes.  She wants to either be a veterinarian or dentist or dental hygienist, although she doesn't want to work on "nasty teeth" so she is also considering orthodontist.  Here she is at the orthodontist following her college prep meeting.  She was reading over all the material, asking questions and making plans.  In other news, she is set to have her braces removed in January.

Drew met these girls at a birthday party a few months ago.  They communicate via text, Instagram and snap chat.  They met up at the Oval for skating.  He is a social creature and has as many female friends as he has male friends.

We had a weird Thanksgiving this year.  Bev had a soccer tournament in St. George, so we ate dinner at Chuck-a-rama.  I love the tradition of the holidays, so I missed dinner with the family.  The weather was amazing and it was fun taking a road trip with the gang.

We went to the live nativity at Tuacahn.

Christian rode a camel.

These kids argue and bicker, and then love like this.  Christian didn't participate in the group hug-walk as he was hiding the Christmas gifts he bought them in the gift shop.

Her team didn't win, but they had a great time playing in the beautiful weather.

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