Friday, December 19, 2014

week 50

Andrew was looking on Redbox for a rental and picked Madea.  It was our first exposure.  We did have a few good laughs, and I fear it means he will want to watch even more of her.

Mr. Busy and Dad finished the toboggan, or as I am calling it, the Death Trap or Sled-o-Death.  They did make a few changes per my request.  They will also be adding some padding as I saw a potential for decapitation.

Christian found the wood in a dumpster and Mike bought him some skis at DI.

He made some stencils and painted it.  It is called "The Storm" and it has his initials and some lightning on the sides.

Sunday night and we were sitting watching The Amazing Race when our doorbell rang.  It was our amazing neighbor, Cliff Harris, with the Heritage Singers.  They sang to us and it was magical.

Poor Freddy…when you are my pet, you will be spoiled, and you will occasionally be made to wear antlers.

This is a picture of Jessi, but it is also a picture of me, letting it go, cue Frozen music.  I made the cake, threw on a layer of frosting and then let her go for it.  A busy life has a tendency to cure my control issues/perfectionism.

Bev learned a new scary game at a party, and did it for all of the family members, including Grandma and Grandpa. Even the aunts and uncles were good sports and participated. It does give a good scare.

We celebrated Jessi's 10th birthday with the Huffs.  We had lasagne, her second favorite choice, next to paella.

Randy and Camille didn't disappoint.  This year she had to break open a bottle with a clue inside which led her to her gift.  They provided a hammer and safety goggles for the breaking.  We always look forward to what they will come up with next.

With the safety goggles on, reading the clue.

With her favorite little guys, Henry and Max.

The gang watching the fire.

Christian is off track, and is always wanting to do things…(he makes me tired.)  While at Harmons, he decided that we needed to try real coconut.  He drilled it open and drank the milk from it.  It was not quite as tasty as he was expected.

We had the ward party and Bev and the other young women did the cutest skit with chin singing. She is second from the right.  We had a front-row view of it.

With my new calling as the Primary Chorister, I decided I wanted to sing one of my favorite Christmas songs, The Friendly Beasts.  I picked four soloists for the animal parts…Easton was the donkey, Jessica was the cow, Evan was the sheep and Addelyn was the dove.  It was so cute and they did a great job.

After Andrew was born, I decided that I would cross-stitch stockings.  I made his and then Bev's.  Then I bought the pattern for Mike's.  Then Christian was born, and I made his.  When we were matched with Jessica, even before we actually adopted her, I started working on hers.  At that time, I purchased the stuff for mine.  I wanted a nativity, and the only one I could find was super simple.  I finished mine pretty quickly, but Mike's was a really complicated pattern…lots of different colors and detail work.  It was a much smaller count than mine.  Six years ago I started his. I took it on every road trip and occasionally stitched while watching tv.  Last summer, I started working on it more. I wanted it done for this year.  As Mike and I have been watching Blacklist and Scandal, I have also stitched during those as well.  I finally finished it and had it cleaned. Now I need to sew it into a stocking.  So. Much. Work.  I may never cross-stitch again.

Dragon at the Nativity.  There is always something being added to the nativities around the house.

My text to Camille.

The inaugural run of The Storm.  It worked well, but was a little heavy to pull back up the hill.

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