Sunday, December 1, 2013

week 40

We (I) compromised with these two and let them get Instagram instead of Facebook.  They have been busy finding their friends and posting pictures.

Homework time.  They always request grapes for their snack.

Christian is so good about getting his homework done right after he gets home. In fact, sometimes when I pull up to pick them up at school, he is doing his homework. He values his free time, and wants to get to it as soon as possible after school.

Reflections time. Christian has been interested in photography, so he took pictures of Bev teaching Jess how to play soccer. The theme was Believe, Dream, Inspire.

Jess drew a picture of herself with a dream bubble, dreaming of being a professional singer.

Drew has to listen to different genres of music for choir and do a write up on them. Tonight he chose The Fox.

More math.

I taught the Meet the Masters assembly on Rembrandt. I love volunteering with the art program.

Christian went to the Utah Football game with Mike.  They ate at Weinerschnitzel and Mike had to send me a picture of my baby eating that.  I think that qualifies as child abuse.

Mike always makes sure they are warm, packing hand warmers, hot cocoa and a heated seat cushion.

Zonked out on the train home.

Mike took this as he left for work.  Every morning we wake up with at least one kid in our bed. Not sure where Mike slept.

Eating leftover steak for breakfast on the way to school.

Christian with his good friends after school. 

Bev walks around with the kitten in her sweatshirt.

Christian brought her water bottle over to the goal and stayed and picked the mud out of her cleats.

Dinner before the Priesthood session.

Grandma passing out the treat bags.

My dad got tickets to the conference center to see it live, then they announced it would be aired on tv.

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