Saturday, December 7, 2013

week 43

The Daddy Daughter Date was a Mystery party. Jessi dressed up as a business woman and Mike was the owner of an amusement park.  Mike got all dressed and I realized he needed a bow tie, so I ran to the craft room and whipped one up for him.

Once Christian saw the suspenders and the hat, he made himself into an old school baseball boy.

We got boo'ed, so we made some cupcakes to boo some neighbors.

Bev in our bed snuggling Blackie, who happens to look possessed here.

I had meetings, so Mike took the kids for sushi.

Two cute boys.

More recorder the an enclosed space.

Mike introduced the kids to Happy Gillmore.  I hadn't seen it in a while, and I had forgotten that it is maybe not for kids.

Drew's water polo game.

Courtney and her parents came to watch his game.  A triple piggyback.

Drew, Bev and Jessi participated in our road show.

 I ran to the store and came home to find their homework done, and Christian having signed off as Jessi's homework helper.

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