Wednesday, December 4, 2013

week 42

Jessi gives pretty great massages...

and then she lays on me while watching tv.  I love it, Mike can't stand it.

Bev with her cute hair braid bun thingy watching youtube origami videos.

Christian playing his recorder after school waiting for carpool pick up.

We try to reserve our nights eating out for when we are on the go. We had a soccer game, lacross practice, swimming and tumbling, all on the same night.  We ended up at Rio. When Mike and I got to the table, they were all entertaining themselves with a recent youtube find.

Christian had been telling me that it was hard for him to see the board at school, that the Chinese symbols were fuzzy. I thought he just wanted glasses.  After a trip to the eye doc, we discovered that he didn't just want them, he needed them.

This class store trend is not one of my favorites. Seriously, like I need more junk at my house.  The kids are always sweet and buy something for their siblings...sweet, but still, more junk.

Jessi had her class Halloween party.

She and Hailey playing the mummy game.

Christian's last lacross game and team picture. I think he has found his passion.

Mike with his dog keeping score.

Mike and the kids put up the Christmas lights.  He lets the three oldest on the roof to help sort the light strands.  The youngest stays on the ground for safety reasons.  She would likely dance or tumble her way right off the edge.

Loading up the collected cans.

They earned enough to each buy a few things at the dollar store.

Cutting down the perennials.  Christian is now using power tools. He is such a beast, and wants to be like his dad.

Right after this picture was taken, Bev resigned from trimming duties as she found a spider web in the plants.

This little beast loves being outside. When the door opens, he bolts. He stays in our yard, exploring, and comes in the house when we shake the treat bag and call one of his names.  We haven't quite decided what his name will be.  When we got him from the Humane Society, they had named him Ollie. We called him Blackie, but then Mike named him Klepto as in kleptomaniac (the cat steals stuff.)  He reminds us of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, so we sometimes call him that and I started calling him Charlie.  We still can't decide, but we all agree that we adore him.

Drew invited some friends to go to Cornbelly's, so we drove them and took the family.

Drew and his friends ended up splitting up from us to do their own thing.  It was weird not having him.

The kids did this to me last year, and planned did it again. At the pig race, the guy asks for kids to volunteer their mom. My kids cheered the loudest, so I got picked...picked to kiss a pig.  He squealed the whole time. I felt bad for the both of us.

Bev and Kiki shooting paintball guns.

Sweet Freddy at the soccer game.

She went down for a save and got kicked in the head. I thought she was walking off the field when she brushed away her tears and went up and kicked the ball. She's so tough.

We drove to Cedar City to surprise Katie and watch her soccer game.  The gang hanging out in her apartment, not communicating with each other, but rather with their virtual friends.

Getting her hair did.

We drove to a little reservoir for a walk...

and played soccer at a nearby park.

After her game, the kids and Courtney played on the field.

We are so proud of Katie.  She is so smart and talented.  The girl works hard and is a great soccer player.

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