Sunday, December 8, 2013

week 44

Christian using the leaf vacuum at Grandma's.

Luke's birthday. We made him a candy bar/quarter poster.

Jessi is off track and is spending lots of time practicing her times tables and watching Netflix.  Little Blackie is her companion.

I had to run some errands, and she wanted to stay home and watch National Geographic channel.  She called me later, traumatized that a jaguar had eaten a baby elephant.

As if having all the kids take turns in our bed wasn't enough, Mike now has Blackie sleeping in the bed.  He likes Mike and always sleeps on his side of the bed.

We showed up for Drew's choir concert only to discover he had a solo.

Halloween and Christian was a mafia guy, Bev was an 80's girl and Jessi a princess pirate.  Bev could not believe I owned clothes like that, and that I actually wore them, not as a costume.

He was not happy with the mustache, so after pictures, he removed it.

At the last minute Drew decided to be a newsie.

Christian threw his lacross pads on Freddy for his costume.

Jessi joined me for Christian's class party.

Grandma and Grandpa Jones.

Bev with her friends on our porch.

Mike sat all evening as the grim reaper. He sat perfectly still and only spoke or moved occasionally.  He freaked out lots of kids.

The three youngest joined me for some campaigning on Redwood.

Camille brought her boys along.

Before we left for the sign waving, I got dinner ready.  We were having Mike's parents, grandparents and aunt over.  I put dessert in the oven and forgot about it.  It was well done, and the house smelled horrible.

On Saturday the young women did a temple walk. The parents met them there and then we walked to a church for a program and lunch.

Halloween decor.

Thanks to Pinterest, I was inspired to make some bats.

Lots and lots of bats.  I wanted them to fly up the tall wall, which required the tall ladder.  Whenever I get on an extension ladder I feel like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation--I think the ladder is going to collapse and I will slide down and my hands will get stuck or broken off.  I really psych myself out.  So, I was up there sticking the bats on the wall, obsessing about the ladder and whether Mike was holding it and whether he had secured it and if it was going to collapse.

Mike accompanied me to the symphony.  I was shocked he wanted to go.  It was a great evening.

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CJ said...

It looks like Jess has taught Blackie to use the Ipad. Everyone looked great in their Halloween costumes and I can only imagine the shrieks Mike created on the front porch. Too bad all your hard work didn't make the bond vote go through. Maybe the burnt dessert was prophetic of the disappointment. Dinner was so great and fun though. Don't be too surprised when Mike goes to the symphony. Ross loves to go with me.