Tuesday, December 3, 2013

week 41

The kids love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  After the yard work, Grandma entertains them with card games and snacks.  My kids are so lucky to have a relationship with them. 

I am about to put an end to the General Conference tent tradition. It is getting out of control. They made a plan for everyone to have their own house, connected by hallways and used duct tape to put blankets together. Apparently space and tape were in short supply because it became contentious and that made me not have the conference spirit, so it might be over.

Playing the video game at the orthodontist's office.

It was noon and I started thinking about dinner. I hadn't been to the store, and was in desperate of groceries but I didn't want to leave the house. I saw that I had some chicken and veggies and yeast, so I channeled Grandma B and made some soup and homemade bread. Fresh bread + soup = best meal ever.

Pinewood Derby time.  Christian drew up his plans and with very little help from Mike made his truck.

We knew it would not be one of the fastest because it wasn't built for aerodynamics. He had a good time racing it.

I keep wondering when the derby tradition will end...at least for the boys.  It is now about the dads.  Maybe we should just let them build the cars and race them.  We have lost sight of what it is supposed to be.  Back in the day, when I was over the scouts, I suggested that we have a few nights set aside with men to help the boys with the cutting, but have the boys do all the work there so they could actually build their cars. My idea was shot down.  When we did the derby three years ago, two boys told me their dads wouldn't let them touch their cars.  Soap box over.

The neighbors had some sod delivered, so Drew, Bev and I headed over after school to help out. Drew and Bev were so excited to dig in and help. I am so grateful to have kids that will get dirty and work hard.

For Bev's last soccer game of the season she played Taylor's team. Jeremy coaches Taylor. It was fun seeing their family.  The cousins share the same number.

This guy loves his "samplers" from Costco.

Jess wanted to order our lunch by herself but realized she needed some help. Christian put his arm around her and helped her get the order right.

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Amanda said...

I'm going to have to steal your weekly post idea. It's fun to see what a typical week at the Jones home is like.