Monday, July 15, 2013

week 23

Katie took Bev, Esther and Abbey to the temple on Saturday and Katie let Bev wear her high heels. She is so tall.

Every once in a while we pull out the home movies.  This one made my heart hurt, seeing my babies so small. Christian was three and had just had his tonsils removed. He had the sweetest little voice, and he could not sit still.

Jessi had just come home. She was two and a half and sang "Jesus loves the little children" and "Praise the Lord."

Doing some PTA work while watching my latest addiction, "Scandal."

Bev added to her henna tattoo with marker.

I spent a few days with my DC friends in Deer Valley. It was beautiful and relaxing.

After I got home, I met Mike and the kids and Katie at the zoo.

Breakfast for dinner with chopsticks.

Andrew got this picnic table from Grandma and Grandpa Huff for his second birthday, and man have we gotten some good use out of it. The kids use it for all kinds of things. Today, the girls did watercolors.

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