Friday, July 19, 2013

week 25

Father's Day at the Huff's and Jessi did Grandma's hair.

The man and the man's best friend on Father's Day.

Drew with new adorable cousin Emma.

I wonder what is his favorite color???  Christian had been saving his dollars for a longboard, and finally found one on ebay.

Christian had to do a book report in the form of a cereal box. I am barely surviving getting the kids to school let alone all the extras like fancy book reports.

Trampoline wrestling: an event held nightly in the backyard.

Drew was out of school so he came with me to spend the day with Grandma B in the hospital.

Mike's coworker is passionate about her Greek heritage and came through in a big way helping Bev with her presentation on Greece.

Mike and the kids finished the trellises, so I helped the littles paint them.

Jessi is always checking up on the workers coming and going. She is constantly offering them drinks and popcicles.

We gave Mike a smores starter kit for Father's Day--we will be making lots of them here soon.

Grandpa Huff invited us to a Bees game. The kids had a blast.

Grandma is such a patient hair client.

Mason was adorable--constantly keeping tabs on the big bee.

After a very busy day, we tried out a new local Indian restaurant. Christian was so sleepy he put his napkin over his head and fell asleep.

Shopping at REI for shoes and camping gear. Jessi was supposed to watch my purse, but couldn't keep her eyes open. She had been at a sleepover with her cousins the night before and apparently it was more of an "over" and not so much "sleep."

Bev saw her having a hard time waking up and picked her right up and carried her out.

Trying to do a little better on the nutrition front. I kept a food record and had to record my mood/activity at the time. There was a lot of "tired" and "happy." This getting up at 5:30 to workout is causing a lot of "tired."


Rob said...

Love you guys so much! Life is so much fun with summer and projects and family time. Hope you are all healthy and tell Christian hi for Caleb. -Diedre

CJ said...

I admire your work and fun with the kids. Keep enjoying every minute.