Thursday, July 25, 2013

week 27

Bev got her newly painted drawers all lined.

Mike and Drew with "the ledger."  Mike and I revamped our kid's money system several months ago and it is so much easier keeping it all in one book instead of four different banks times four kids.

Christian had been talking about the 3rd grade kickball tournament they had been having at school. His team was playing in the championship game and he was so excited.  That morning he called me from school and asked me to come watch.  I ran over just in time to see him make some great plays.  He ended up catching the ball that ended the game and ensured his team the win.

Yard progress.

We had way too many games and missing pieces. We spent two hours and sorted through and purged them.

Last day of school and the 6th grade end-of-year party.  Bev with her friends.

Bev loved Ms. Reasor.

Christian with Ms. Chen.

and Mrs. Vaske.

Jessi adored her teacher, Mrs. McCurdy.

Tuesday was the last day of school. We let the kids go to their parties and then we headed out on vacation with my family to Pineview.  We spent the first day on the water and beach.

The cousins on the raft.


Bev has become so good at waterskiing.  She, Drew and Christian all got up.  Jessi didn't want to try as the water is too cold for her little African body.

Me trying to get up.

These kids had some pretty crazy rides. So did the adults.  I never laugh so hard as when I am out with my siblings on our crazy rides.

Camille and her boys.

This was their signal that Mike was taking it too easy on them.

My kids had such a wild ride that at one point they all fell out.

They all wanted to get pulled in.

We stayed at Moose Hollow and boy is it pretty there.

We watched fireworks in Eden.

Drew and Bev watched from on top of the van. Mike put on some patriotic tunes while we watched.

Drew checking out some kittens in Eden.

The girls love the time they get to spend together.

Grandma took the kids to Carver's Cove Petting Farm.  It was surprisingly fun.  They all got a horse ride.

And saw some pretty cool animals.

And got to hold baby goats.

I think Mike and I liked it as much as the kids did.

The kids got plenty of pool time with the cousins.

Lauren and Bev organized a family talent show.  The kids did such a good job.  There was singing and dancing and my sisters even planned a skit for me and my siblings to do.

My whole family was there and we had a great time together.  I miss them already.

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CJ said...

What a wonderful week. Petting zoos are so much fun as is time on the water. So glad you have these opportunities.