Wednesday, July 17, 2013

week 24

I have been trying to put the finishing touches on Bev's room. I wanted her room bright but couldn't find a chandelier I liked for a price I liked.  I ended up doing a little Pinterest inspired DIY and bought a brass chandelier from Amazon and spray-painted it a teal/aqua color.

We ended up with just the two littles for sushi.  It is starting to happen--the older kids are becoming increasingly scarce.

Tennis for Family Home Evening. She plays for a few minutes and then gives herself a chest, plays for a few minutes and then remembers to give herself a chest. My sisters and I used many a tennis ball for the same purpose.

One of Drew's goals for the summer is to learn how to cook. He chose a few recipes and I had him do the shopping for them.

The first day I taught him how to make a yummy (to me at least) veggie salad. He is a bit of a picky eater, but having made it himself helped him get through it.

I had my Cub Scouts over to do a lesson on food and cooking. We made oatmeal cookies and trail mix for camp.

We have started the work on the backyard and it seems like every day there is someone new doing something different back there.

Mike met Jessi at her class field trip to This Is The Place State Park. She was thrilled for him to come.

The best recipe he has made so far: Eclaire Cake.

Saturday morning Mike was going to help a neighbor dig a hole to bury a trampoline. The kids heard about it and wanted to go help.

Bev took some pictures of Tiger hiding from Freddy in the yard.

Sweet old boy.

The pergola got up, and in the process a lot of pavers were damaged, so Mike did some repairs.

We had been running around and I stopped at Cafe Rio to get take out. Jessica has a thing for Cup-of-Noodles, and asked if she could have that instead. I will never understand this.

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CJ said...

Knowing how to cook really comes in handy when kids go off on missions and to college - to say nothing of helping out your friends and family. Good for you Drew.