Sunday, July 21, 2013

week 26

Next yard project: getting the concrete lifted. When we put in our yard almost 5 years ago, we tried to get the ground compacted. Shortly after we did all the pavers and concrete we realized it was sinking.   We finally decided it was done sinking, so we took the plunge and got it fixed.

After our trip to REI, Christian decided that he wanted his own hiking backpack. Mike helped him find one on KSL, for a price he could afford. He loves working and having his own money. He has no problem parting with his money for the things he wants.

He wore it around all day, packed a few camping things inside, and eventually used the hiking sticks to go down the street on his longboard.

The fire pit is taking shape.

Drew worked hard on a welcome home poster.

We have missed Courtney for the 4 months she has been in China teaching English.  We surprised her and came to the airport.

While we waited, Jess did the limbo.

The girl and her mom.

Katie missed her so much too.

We are so happy she is home.

I was lucky to be able to help with field day. I checked in on Bev's class just to see her teaming up with the boy in her class who happens to be in a wheelchair. She did the running for him while he threw the frisky.

Christian really gets into the competition aspect of the activities.

Jess did the activities in between doing her tumbling tricks.

Jessi has been blessed with the best 2nd grade teacher. They all made paper mache puppets, sewed their clothes, picked the play they wanted to perform, recorded the performance and then performed it for the parents.  Jess was the narrator and a townsperson in the story Strega Nona.

Christian's English teacher taught them about reptiles, and then how to make lizard boondoggles. He is now making one for everyone he knows.  He asks us what colors we want, and personalizes them.

I find all kinds of notes and drawings on the kitchen desk. Today Bev wrote about her love for her cats.

Oh man, I'm a trying...

Courtney brought home some treasures, the most important of which is herself.

Listening to some tunes while killin' some weeds.

Every once in a while I look outside and Kiki is "training" Freddy. This old dog isn't learning new tricks, he just sits and waits for Kiki to say "come" and he comes and gets a treat.

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CJ said...

This was indeed a very busy and wonderfully fun week for your family. Can't wait to see the "finished" backyard. So many fun and educational activities too.