Thursday, January 22, 2015

week 52

I got our card designed weeks ago, but didn't print enough.  They did get delivered before Christmas, but not much before.

Their first day of Christmas break, and these two came to help me sort and deliver class t-shirts. I couldn't have done it without them.

 I started the cookie factory at about 3 pm.

I needed powdered sugar.  Not sure what I will do with 50 pounds... I guess Costco was out of the little bags.

 I stayed up until about 3 am getting 100 cookies done.  They are so. much. work.

This year I did Christmas trees.

The kids helped me deliver cards, popcorn and cookies to our friends, neighbors and my PTA board.

It was a few days before Christmas and out of the blue, Christian said, "when are we doing the gingerbread houses?"  Um, I guess I had forgotten, or thought we could skip it.  So, I found a few at Target.  They were not as good as the Costco kind.

Not that my craft room is ever tidy, but I can barely walk around in there.  Christmas stuff everywhere.  This room has been off limits to the children for the last few days.  Santa's workshop needed a cleaning.

This darling kept following the sun.

The sun would move and every half hour or so, he would adjust to be in the light.  Have I mentioned that he is the sweetest little thing and we adore him?  Because he is, and we do.

We finished the puzzle and not a day later, this happened.  Not sure which cat is to blame.

We stopped at this beauty in Draper.

Christian helped me make cookies for Christmas eve.  The kids get to decorate them and make one for Santa.

To Grandmothers house we go...

As I am now in the business, I brought some singing activities.  The kids and then the adults did some songs with handbells and then we sang The Friendly Beasts. I think everyone but Max enjoyed it.

Just a day earlier, Grandma got out of rehab for her knee surgery.  Tradition is she reads the nativity story.  The kids love it.  I love it.

Christmas eve after Grandma's house and the kids opened their Christmas jammies.  Christian does not wear jammies...he wears underwear...even in the winter.  He wanted a "soft and fluffy" robe.    The kids then wanted to give their gifts to each other.  Drew had them play a game to see who got what fancy drink.

Bev got Drew cheese balls, made Christian a sign and made Jessi a duct tape purse.

A few days before Christmas she got on Pinterest and found this project.  She asked Mike for some wood and nails and then disappeared to her room for a few hours.  She is a crafty one.

Waiting for the fun to begin.  Drew opted out of the group sleepover this year.  The other three slept in Christian's room.

We don't really have rules about Christmas morning.  The kids always sit at the top of the stairs and wait for Mike and I to get the lights on.  I get the cameras and he gets garbage sacks and Diet Pepsis for us.  Then the kids come down and always open their stockings first. They then take turns opening order..they are so good to each other and are always excited for each other and the gifts the other kids get.


New phone.  I kept telling her she wasn't getting one.  I love the surprises Christmas brings.

Ute fan.

Y fan.

When I saw this shirt with his nickname on it, I knew he had to have it.

She hugged each gift.

 She got her wish...a karaoke mic.

Christian was hoping he would get ski lessons with Drew and Bev.  Drew and Bev found their envelopes, but Mike hid Christian's envelope.  He saw them open theirs and frantically looked for his.  It was with great excitement and relief he opened his.

The mess.

Charlie and Freddy just parked themselves in the middle of the festivities.  They got cat and dog treats for Christmas.

We got to participate in a fun Christmas surprise for our friends and neighbors, the Varner family.  They had decided to adopt a cat, but wanted it as a Christmas morning surprise. We kept her for a few days and then got to deliver her to them on Christmas morning.  She is a sweetheart.

Late Christmas morning and everyone in the house except Jessi was looking at me like, "What have you done buying her that?"  I could listen to her all day.  #amazinggrace #starspangledbanner

Jones cousins.  My kids are lucky to have these people in their lives.

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Peels.  We always meet Grandma and Grandpa Jones there to open gifts and visit.

The day after Christmas I told the kids I had a bit of work to do. When I got to my computer, this is what I found.  Sweet Jessi was responsible.

Post-Christmas dinner with Mike.  I hadn't had my precious Rio in literally weeks so he got me some.

Whenever there isn't school the next day, the kids usually end up staying up late watching a movie and falling asleep.  Mike came downstairs to find Tiger keeping Bev warm.  Tiger sleeps with Bev every night.  Bev likes sleeping in the big chair and doesn't look too comfortable to me.

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