Tuesday, January 20, 2015

week 51

Christian is still off track, and Henry came over to play.  Christian used his little fingers to help him get his gifts wrapped.

Bev played in her orchestra concert.  She is in the aqua.  I ran to hear her play then bolted home because we were hosting Mike's work Christmas party.  Thank goodness for Grandma and Grandpa who bailed me out and brought her home.

Jessi got the Annie dress for her Christmas dress.  Seeing the show has been on our calendar for a month.

We loved the show.  It was so different than the original, but so good.

Every once in a while I remember that she is from Africa. From the time she came to us she has carried things on her head. This was Freddy's dog food.

Drew helped Mike install a humidifier at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Mike wants to make sure the kids know how to do basic home repairs.  He always says that one of the best lessons Grandpa taught him was to get your hands dirty, as they can always get washed.

Off track trip to Scheels.  He looked at all of the guns and had some money burning a hole in his pocket, so he bought a BB pistol.

He then had to try it out shooting stuff from our recycling bin.  Christian is accruing quite an arsenal of weapons.

 I made lots of batches of caramel corn for neighbors and friends.

Jessi chose Buffalo Wild Wings for her birthday dinner again.  Thankfully, this year she didn't rub her eyes with buffalo sauce on her fingers like she did last year.

Bev learned how to make fudge, and packaged it up for her friends.

Bev, Jessi and I love puzzles, but we only do one big one a year.  It is a challenge with the cats.  While we were working on it, Tiger kept pulling the pieces of and watching them fall to the ground.

Poor Freddy is having a harder time getting up the stairs.

All I had to do was request a ramp for the sweet guy, and these two went to work.

Freddy can now get in and out of the house a little easier.

Drew hosted a White Elephant party with his friends. He let Bev join in.

Drew is such a social kid. I love that we have his friends at the house often.

We hosted the Jones family Christmas party. Grandpa's brother Pete always sends Memphis bar-b-que.

Grandma and Mike.

Cute picture of Grandma and Grandpa.

Mike took this picture of me working on the puzzle with all my critters around me.  Puzzles+critters=happiness.

With my new calling, I am using lots of printer ink, paper and laminating sheets.  I love this laminator I got back when I was in Primary a few years ago.  Best purchase ever.

One of Mike's employees gave us the Jelly Belly game, Beanboozled spinner game.  You either get chocolate pudding or canned dog food, skunk spray or licorice, barf or peach.  There was lots of spitting and gagging.  Mike loved it.

This family does a cute little drive-by nativity right on 3200 West. I took the kids by.  They have really cute animals there.  This is the cutest donkey I have ever seen.

Hallelujah! They are done.  I am so happy with how they all turned out, and even happier that they are done.

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Rob said...

Wowzers! Those stockings are amazing. Good job to preserver and finish. And Jessica's dress is so beautiful! Haley would love it. And always remember, each Sunday as you get up to sing with those awesome kids that you have the best calling in the whole world! It is 100% awesome and beautiful and wonderful. Have a fun week. -Diedre