Friday, January 23, 2015

2015: week 1

I love that over the holidays, we have time to play a three-hour game of RISK.  RISK is a sad game where the whole point is to take over the world and wipe people out.  But, for some reason, we love it.

I found these in my wallet.  A few days after receiving my new calling as the Primary Chorister, I opened this fortune. I think the fortune says it all...

Mike got his fortune.  He is not known for being the most happy and peaceful.  I want to frame this for him.

Drew and his friends went to a movie and lunch and then came back and played Just Dance.

The kids planned an outing to Airborne.  Bev got halfway through the Ninja Warrior challenges.

Mike got this waffle maker for his birthday.  He makes breakfast on Sundays. Now with 9:00 church, we may be having waffles for lunch.

Set to get her braces off tomorrow, and she has been obsessively checking her midline to make sure it is straight.

For Mike's birthday, we surprised him and took him to brunch at The Grand America.

She ate a few other things, but primarily focused on crab and shrimp.  She loves it.

She had the challenge from her orchestra teacher to get several extra hours of practice in over the holidays.  She worked her way through the Primary Songbook.

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