Saturday, April 20, 2013

week 9

All but one picture this week was taken with my camera phone.  I was busy getting ready for Disneyland.  This is what happened before we left...

Jessi is loving this big container of bling I bought at Hobby Lobby.  She is making all sorts of projects with it.

Christian beat me to the punch and made his own lunch.  He didn't want to waste time at lunch peeling his clementine, so he did it ahead of time.  He also frosted a sugar cookie and threw it in a baggie.

Jessi's story problems are always so indicative of her interests.  This one says "Jessica has 100 Barbie dolls. She cuts 71 of their hair. How many dolls still have there hair?"  (I had just discovered two Barbies with serious bob cuts earlier that day.)  Other story problems have been about tumbling, makeup, food and hair bows.

She made herself a blingy mask.

Meet the Masters this week was about Edgar Degas.  I taught Jessi's class so I had to make an example.

Jessi in class for art day.

Bev took this picture of Tiger with my iPad.  Tiger is her and Jessi's favorite model and I often find many pictures of her on my phone and camera.

It was a read-a-thon at school, so the kids took blankets and pillows and treats and books.

Christian does not like wearing shirts.  He said that they are "too restrictive."  I asked him to pull out some of his favorite books from when he was little.  Bev immediately sat down to listen to him read.

Mike got home from his late soccer game and took this picture.  This is not an uncommon occurrence, it just usually does not involve this many kids.  I had listened to them read and then this happened.  Mike took them all to bed so he had room.

I helped at Christian's class store.  I can appreciate that it helps kids learn about money, buying and selling things, etc.  But, I dislike them bringing more junk into the house.

He is always so thoughtful and gets his siblings something.  Today, he got the girls purses.  (Yay, more purses.  We didn't have enough already;)

I did Dr. Seuss Day for Christian's class.  We made little Cat in the Hat treats out of cookies, frosting and marshmallows and then I let them vote on the books we read.  I finished it up with my favorite, "What Was I Scared of?"

Then on Friday I stayed up most of the night cleaning the house, doing laundry and packing for Disneyland.

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