Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Orleans: Swamp Tour

We next took a swamp tour on the Pearl River.  It was an interesting drive there.  Most of the homes and buildings are built at least one story off the ground.

When we arrived, I almost stepped on this tarantula just hanging out in the grass.  Yikes.

There are several boats that ended up here from very far away during Hurricane Katrina.


We saw several birds.

and a few alligators.  They were all really small because it was still pretty cool and the big ones are all still dormant.

A snake in the tree.

At the end of the bayou we saw a wild boar.  It was the best part of the whole tour.  She put on quite a show.


CJ said...

To see those birds, reptiles and animals in their own habitat must have been so interesting.

Rob said...

I love the photos! Such a fun and interesting trip. -Diedre