Monday, April 8, 2013

New Orleans: Streets and Sights

Oh, the interesting streets of New Orleans.  Street performers, artisans, palm-readers, freaks and the later it gets, drunks.  A guy from Mike's work said that New Orleans is an amusement park for perverts and alcoholics.  (I sat and watched that horse-guy on the street.  He stood there, still, for over 5 minutes.  I didn't quite get it.)

I got some new shoes (to help with my plantar fasciitis.) I felt like I needed to sanitize all of our shoes after walking the streets.  It seems that I was always stepping in something wet--source unknown.

We made a goal to try every native cuisine we could.  We had our share of beignets of course.  We ate more seafood than I have ever in my life--crawfish, catfish, shrimp.  We tried jambalya, gumbo and poboys.  We got pralines and more beignets.

We ate out with different people every day.  It was so fun to spend time with Mike's coworkers, many of whom have become good friends.

Mike and I took the St. Charles Trolley to the Garden District.  We walked around and looked at the amazing historic homes there.

I love how much they value the old trees in that part of town.  They build fences around them and obviously they are more important than sidewalks.

My favorite meal was our experience at Commander's Palace in the Garden District.  

We had been told my many people that we had to try the turtle soup at Commander's Palace, so being adventuresome, I ordered it.  When it came, I took a tiny spoonful and got the heaves.  I just kept picturing the turtles we saw earlier that day in the bayou.  I tasted it, but couldn't enjoy it, so I passed it around the table.  Mike ordered fish, and it's a good thing he's a fisherman and has some skills in deboning, because this bad boy came out whole--eyeballs to tail.

On our city tour we saw a cemetery. 

A statue of St. Jude.

I took the pictures at the awards dinner.  I missed dessert, so Mike had them make me my own special one.

Although I don't see myself going again, our trip was so much fun.  I loved the history and culture and interesting people.


Rob said...

Very cute shoes! And what did you eat if the turtle soup was not for you? You guys have made so many great memories! _diedre

CJ said...

Now I know why Beverly can't eat fish she catches. She probably can't get the picture of them swimming happily out of her head the same way you couldn't get the picture out of your head of the happy turtles. Obviously you got to enjoy so many interesting sights, sounds, tastes etc. while you were there.