Wednesday, April 24, 2013

week 12

We brought the kids some crazy masks from New Orleans.  After I bought them I thought I remembered reading something from one of my "save the animals" reads encouraging people to not buy things with feathers, as those feathers came from a bird that is now really cold.  They are cool masks, but I can't help but feel like a bird-killer whenever I see them.

We have had a few nights of beautiful weather, and a clear schedule, so we went to watch Bev's soccer practice.  Jessi is in charge of brushing Freddy.  My head is happy for her to have another client. (I have a sensitive head, and she is constantly styling my hair. Ouch.)

The last picture of these two being eight together...sniff, babies are growing up.

Doing homework and reading before bed.

Having Christian off track for his birthday was fun.  We met Dad at the sport store to pick up his lacross gear, then we got lunch at Firehouse Subs.  He now has a new favorite place to eat.

Then he got a birthday cookie from Smart Cookie and when we got home, he immediately tried on his gear.

Christian helping Jessi with homework.

His birthday falls close to St. Patrick's Day, which is fitting because he is all about green.

Still loving Legos and Skylanders.

I got a bunch of balloons to surprise him with when he woke up the morning of his birthday.  Unfortunately, they didn't even last until the next morning.

Spring took a turn and we got snow.

Grant Wood art day in Bev's class.

I love that he still gets dressed up to play.

I had a girl's night out so it was buffet time for Mike and the kids.  This time they went to a Chinese buffet.  Christian enjoyed his crab legs and Jessi got her fill of shrimp.

We are now frequenters of this establishment.

Drew had a Boy Scout campout.  When he got home, I tried to take his picture, and he was so tired that he couldn't keep his eyes open.

Don't mind us Freddy.  He had been playing outside, and came in the house, exhausted, and took his nap in the middle of the walkway.  I am still getting used to him and his habits.  He sleeps a lot, and sometimes I have to check to see if he is still breathing.  We love him.  Have I said that yet?

With all of the swimming ahead, Mike picked up some new beach towels.

My latest order from Amazon.  A new sock for my plantar fasciitis and some books to read with the kids.

Well, Bev made the decision that she wants to move to the spare bedroom/toy room.  We decided to give her her own space, but bunk the girl's beds in Jessi's room so that if Bev wants to sleep with the rest of us, she can.

Mike and Bev took the beds apart and got them ready to restack them.  I cleaned everything.

Jessi hung out in her pile of stuff behind the mattress.

We celebrated Christian's 9th birthday with the Huff's.  Drew and Mason recorded him opening his gifts.

The cake was, of course, Orange Jello Poke Cake.

That night, after everyone was supposed to be in bed, I heard Legos being dumped out.  He just couldn't resist playing with his new gift.

When I asked Christian what he wanted for his menu, he asked for meat...lots of meat.  Specifically ribs and sloppy joes.  I made ribs for the first time.  They were a lot of work, and I learned a few things I would change, but they turned out pretty good.

He got some new snorkel gear, as some of his was lost in Mexico.

He got a lacross stick so that he can have someone play with him.

The cousins.

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Rob said...

So much fun! Wish we still lived closer to each other but love catching up with you via the web. Your life is always on the go. You all look happy, that is great! -Diedre