Thursday, January 30, 2014

2013 week 50

I will get this blog caught up...

The house was in the full throws of Christmas.  I still try to read our stash of Christmas books to the kids. (More photographic evidence that Christian does not like clothing.)

The kitchen was a disaster because of all the baking going on.

First, the kids made sugar cookies.

Bev's decorated cookies:



A few days later, I made almost 100 for Mike's work.

Jessica's friend's mom came up with such a fun plan. Instead of the girls exchanging Christmas gifts, she had a party where they each brought fleece and made blankets for charity.

We had a few days where the snowflakes were so clear. Bev tried catching them with her braid.

I tried photographing them.

This cat just walks up and sits on people.

For Jessi's birthday, we went, with the Jensens to Frozen.  I think it will be a new favorite. (Notice that Christian wore shorts with snow boots.)

Ever since Buffalo Wild Wings came to town, Jessi has wanted to have her birthday dinner there.  They gave her a "Sauce Boss" crown, and then a few minutes later, she rubbed her eyes with her saucy fingers and ended up in tears.  It was sad, her with sauce in her eyes, wearing a "Sauce Boss" crown.  Drew chimed in with, "It looks like that sauce is your boss."

Jessica's birthday spotlight for Primary, written during Sacrament meeting.

Our community has a Santa breakfast every year.  We decided it was a good opportunity for the kids to see him this year.

Sadly, we only have one that is really excited to sit on his lap.

Birthday present time...

So excited about her gift...

We were being stalked by Kitten, hiding under the tree.  He also enjoys climbing the tree and knocking down ornaments.  Notice his last ornament victim.

She got a kitchen for her American Girl doll.  She still loves all things cooking and food.

I have been trying to keep the illness away. I have felt it trying to get me.

While chopping veggies, I took a good chunk out of the tip of my thumb. Mike ran and got me this stuff.  It worked amazingly well.

Little Miss and her cake.

We had the Huffs over to celebrate.

Grandpa, Grandma and Baby Emma.

She got a new winter hat.

She requested paella again.  As usual, she was the last one left eating, enjoying every bite.

This year I got some Christmas pillows.

and a new Santas for my collection.

Beastie was going after my Hawaiian nativity, so I put it under a cloche for safekeeping.

Mike knows how I like the trees wrapped up in lights like they do at Temple Square.  I just love driving up to a lit-up house.

This Mickey and Minnie have been a Christmas staple for 12 years.  We got them at Kmart when Andrew was 2 years-old.  We were in the aisle looking at Christmas lights when he comes walking around the corner carrying Mickey.  Every time we put them out I think about that little kid carrying Mickey, who was bigger than him.

Every year the kids look forward to decorating their mini trees for their bedrooms.

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