Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2013 week 51

It's a winter wonderland around here.

We went with the Jensens to the Echoes of Christmas--a favorite Christmas tradition.

The grandparents joined us for Jessica's tumbling performance.  She got her roundoff back tuck and was able to show it off in the performance.  Afterward, we went to Drew's choir concert.  Drew didn't tell us that he would be doing a waltz with a girl during one of the songs.  I think he honestly just doesn't think to tell us.

I got to help at Jessica's class Christmas party.

These kids take care of the snow before Dad gets home.  Sometimes Dad has to do a quick second run of it.

Delivering neighbor gifts.

Katie is home from college and came to Christian's basketball game.

Two sweet boys waking up in the morning.

Mike took the kids to the zoo for Zoo Lights.  Grandma and Grandpa Jones and Courtney joined them.

We went for a visit to the Peel's and the kids each performed a piano piece.

I decided to get some pics of the kids with Freddy and Blackie/Charlie/Klepto.

Christian got a stubbed toe/foot.  He was still limping on it three weeks later, so I "encouraged" Mike to take him to Instacare.  They x-rayed it and concluded that it was a deep bruise.  He just has to wear a boot for a few weeks.

The kid's piano pieces for Christmas.  The Beast got a hold of Hark The Herald Angels Sing.

Then when I went to take a picture he wanted to play with the camera strap, and then just landed on top of the pages.

Then he knocked down the donkey from my Mexico nativity and broke off his ear.  We love him, but he's a beast.

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