Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 week 2

And her obsession with Frozen continues.  I love her drawing and writing.  

The kids headed back to school and I was left at home alone with the pets. I decided it was maybe time to take down Christmas.

I did leave the cards up for one more day.

Reading Junie B and twisting into a pretzel.

Mr. Blackey is often found checking out the fish.

Snowy weather means lots of Just Dance.  I didn't realize Blurred Lines was one of the tunes--I really try not to like the song, and I certainly don't like the kids hearing it, but dang, it's fun to dance to.

Bev is in her school's math competition group and had a day-long competition.  She inherited her math skills from her father.

Black ice was the precious van was totaled.  It was a bad day.

We had been with these guys so much over the holidays, and it had been a week since we had seen them, and we were having withdrawals, so they had a sleepover.  I finished boxing up the Christmas decor while they watched movies.

Christian has decided that he will be a hunter.  He paid for, and started doing hunter's safety classes online.  He is now talking about what kind of rifle he wants for his birthday in a few months.  Mike is supporting him, I am just mostly being quiet.  The only thing I have said is that if you kill it you have to eat it and I ain't gonna be cooking any bunnies.

Drew and Bev saw this on the internet and made one for themselves.  It supposedly makes watching the Kindle more like a movie theater experience.

Charlie used to sleep on our bed, snuggled up to Mike.  He now prefers sleeping with Christian on his loft bed.  Christian loves it, most of the time.  Occasionally he will ask me to come get Charlie because he is being "too needy" and making it hard for Christian to sleep.  Here is Charlie with his cute tongue and one white whisker.


Smilin' sunshine said...

Hey, I saw us on your cupboard!!! And so sad about your van. :(

Rob said...

So sad about your van!!! boo. Hopefully you are not feeling hurt from the accident. I know how much you loved the van. I love the box they made for the kindle, so funny and creative. Take care. -Diedre