Friday, June 28, 2013

week 21

Bev had to bring a solar oven to school. Thank goodness she had helped Drew make his last year, and thank goodness I stored it in the basement.

We enjoyed watching Jess at her tumbling performance.

I got to help at Jessi's 2nd grade bike rodeo. She went through once and then I looked over and she was off her bike sort of hanging out. I got frustrated at her apparent lack of interest and I was about to go tell her to get back on her bike and participate when I realized that she had loaned her bike to a girl that didn't bring one.

Bev and her friend arranged to wear crimped hair on the same day.

Bev supervised the riding of bikes to school. Christian had them all prepped--lined up with the helmets and ready to go.

Jessi wanted us to match for the Mother Daughter Activity Days party.

Bev's first time doing baptisms for the dead with Ashtyn.

Shortly after arriving home from taking the kids to school, I got a text from Drew saying that he forgot his science book, and within minutes, a phone call from Christian that he forgot his bike lock.  I headed back to drop them off.

Christian has been saving his lawn-mowing money and was finally able to order his much anticipated Kindle.  He asked me to leave it on the porch for him to fetch.

Bev is using her kitchen skills.  She made us some little chocolate cakes.

Christian had yet another class store. He ended up with another purse for Jessi and some pink shades for himself.

The girls went to watch Bev's friends sing at the Miss South Jordan pageant.

We visited the Peel's and power washed their house. 

Drew had a genetics assignment and chose to do it with superheroes.

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