Wednesday, June 12, 2013

week 20

Walking for Wishes at the school.  The school raised $19,000 for Make a Wish.

It got warm and the slip-n-slide came out.  Notice that precious dog in the background.  He just wants to be wherever we are.

I was going through Christian's backpack and found a pile of flags for flag football that he had been taking to school.  He knows where we keep everything in this house, the little snoop.

Mom's retirement open house.

Bev read this book in school and really liked it.  She came to me worried about when Jessi is in 6th grade and has to read it.  The three oldest get very protective of her whenever they hear or see anything about racism or slavery or racial insensitivity.  Recently Drew became concerned about when she does the unit on genes.  He had an assignment to check himself, Mike and me for attached earlobes and hairy fingers, etc.  He told me that maybe I could write her an excuse note of for that assignment.  We will pray for sensitive teachers and good parenting skills.

Christian decided that we need an apple tree.  We agreed, so I headed to the nursery with Christian and Jess.  A nursery for me is like a shoe store for most women. I called Mike and asked him if he could figure out a way to get four trees home.  Thank goodness for a father-in-law with a truck and willingness to help.

Doing his piano theory.

A few of our blooms.

I will always have a popcorn bush in my yard.  They remind me of Grandma B who always decorated the graves with the beautiful flowers on Memorial Day.

The boys went to Aunt Mimi's for a sleepover, so we got traded for these two cuties.  My girls (and the rest of us) adore them.  (Have I mentioned that everyone should do Disneyland with a 2 year-old and 4 year-old.  It's magic...pure magic.)

I love having the kids with me when it is time to bring in the groceries (especially Costco) and fill up gas.

Whenever there is something involving yard work, Christian is involved. He loves planting, mowing, pruning, spraying and edging.

The proud boy with his Gala apple tree.  He was sorely disappointed when I told him that there would be no apples this year, and that there would be no tree house on that tree until he had kids, or grandkids.

He finished up lacrosse for the season.  He loved it and may be playing again in the fall.

I started a new exercise situation (aka: torture) and it involves weightlifting.  I am developing man hands with callouses.

Jessi's latest project is paper dolls.  I think they are pretty amazing.  I especially like the two boys with "skater hair" and braces.

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