Thursday, June 6, 2013

week 19

After the adventures of week 18, this is what my craft room table looked like.  We'll see if it can get it cleared this week.

Bev had to make an instrument for school.  She made a guitar with lots of duct tape.

She also started sporting a "hot bun."

This week in scouts we learned about the food chain and extinct and endangered species. I love being there with my little scout.

Mike took Bev to Davis County for a soccer games and they saw some pretty amazing clouds and light.

We finally had an evening with nothing...nothing on the schedule.  The kids were so excited to vegetate.

Every Mother's Day we also celebrate and remember Mama Patience.

I am a very lucky mother to have these four people in my life.

The kids gave me a car-cleaning for one of my gifts.  They went to work on it after church.

They took their lunch break in the car.

We then celebrated with the Huff's.  Grandpa's old Radio Flyer is getting a lot of use lately.

Jessi is always carting around the little (and big) kids.

Thanks to Skype we all got to see and talk to McKenna.

Most of the B cousins were there.

Mason danced and we got to meet Pat's new puppy.

Pretty Mother's Day flowers.

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Rob said...

Got our tickets to the rodeo, section G. When do you guys usually go? You look so great in the above pictures! Happy summer to you. -diedre