Friday, October 18, 2013

week 37

It has been a summer of tree planting.  I sort of have an obsession with trees--I love them.  I don't think a yard can have too many.  However, after our recent purchases I doubt we have room for any more.  

After I was too aggressive in my pruning, one of our peach trees died. We replaced it with a new Early Elberta, and Mike has asked that I abstain from pruning.

We also planted a Choke Cherry--one of my favorites.

And a Golden Chain--another favorite.

Christian with his Gala Apple tree.

A red maple by the swing set.

I found this little guy in the $30 section at Home Depot. It is an Eastern Redbud.

A Twisty Baby Locust.

I decided on three Capital Pear trees for privacy.

Mike using the Dremel on Freddy's nails.

I got to babysit these two cuties.  They had fun with the kittens, but then kept asking where the other guys were. They wanted Bev and Jessi and Uncle Mike. I guess Aunt Weezie is boring.

For a school project, Drew had to take a picture of his favorite things.  They include a water polo ball, legos, gum, Kindle, Rick Riordian books and Grown Ups.

September 11, and Drew's choir did a flag-raising ceremony.

Feeling like world's worst, and yet most fun mom.  He got an ice cream sundae for breakfast.

One of the things he wanted to do while off track was to learn how to cook certain things. Today it was lasagne.

After Jessi announced last year that Gymboree only has "baby clothes," I rarely get to shop there. I had three friends have babies, so I finally got to go back. I love that full of cute little kid style, a style that apparently we don't enjoy anymore :(

Little Man has now joined Drew and Bev in watching Psych.

Christian and I had a few errands to run while he was off track. Of greatest importance was a cup for the family jewels (yes, he calls them that) for lacrosse. He also wanted to do a few crafts and check out the turtles at the pet store.

It's the end of summer tv. This is what we have been watching:  The family favorites are Impractical Jokers, America's Got Talent, Ellen, Cupcake Wars, Long Island Medium and Get Out Alive.  Some of the others are just for Mommy.

Tiger sitting in the violin case listening to Bev practice. That cat is a beast to anyone but her girl. Wherever Bev is, there you will find Tiger.

Blackie is quite a climber and a rascal.

The kitten was getting into mischief, so I held him while I vegetated on the couch while we watched Cupcake Wars.

The evidence that she played hard.

The weather is turning, and at Christian's lacross game the other three wrapped themselves up like burritos in blankets. Jess and Bev eventually joined us to watch the game. This is how Drew spent the majority of the game--wrapped up on the ground, having people walk around him to get off the field. He looked dead.

Christian plays goalie for half of the games.  Being a goalie and defender are his strengths.  It is so fun watching him play.  Fun, but I find it stressful being the mom of the goalie.

Jessi earned screen time, which means watching "Roar" a few times and then some Michael Jackson music videos.

What we are reading:  Jessi is way into Junie B. Jones and is quickly working her way through all the books. Christian is sort of into How to Train Your Dragon and is slowly working his way through the books. We are reading Wonder and & 7 Habits as a family. Bev is reading the Hunger Games books and Drew started the Eragon series.

We had a family party at Jeremy and Robyn's house, so as usual, Mike and the kids rode bikes. I drove the van with all the stuff.

We celebrated Camryn's birthday.


After experiencing Waffle Love, I attempted an authentic Belgian waffle recipe. It was good, but was more like a big plate of dessert.

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CJ said...

You have really planted a lot of fun trees and will enjoy the fruit in a few years as well as the shade and privacy. I'm glad the kids enjoy cooking with you. I think my kids are all better cooks than I am, but then again so is their father. I so enjoy watching the kids participate in their various activities. They are growing up way too fast though.