Monday, October 14, 2013

week 35

First day of school for the middle-schoolers.

Drew has had this backpack since kindergarten. He says he wants to use it until the 12th grade.  It is showing some wear and tear, and with all he carries, it weighs a ton. I will be surprised if it lasts the month.

It was a big year for Bev, going from elementary to middle school, but you wouldn't know it. She was so cool, calm and collected about the whole thing.  She is loving it and doing so well.

New shoes for school.

With all the kids back in school, it's time to get back to some organization and chore charts.

Until I saw Tiger sitting by the cat planter I didn't realize how much they looked alike.

My little work buddies in the craft room.

I had a busy night and Jessi needed a plain white binder for school, so Mike took her to Target.  This is what she came home with.  He is good dad.

Hanging out on the patio telling me about her day at school.

I couldn't find her anywhere. She had escaped the noisy house for some peaceful reading by the waterfall.

Fun night out with these guys and our favorite baby.

Bev's friend stayed with us for the weekend, and she was talking about how great lasagne noodles are.  We decided to make some.  It would have sure been easier with a pasta machine, but it still made some pretty good lasagne.

We realized that we had nothing going on, so we put together an impromptu BBQ with my family.

Grandma and Emma.

This bike stroller gets more use now than it did back in the day.

We are reading this as a family.  So far we have learned to Be Proactive and Begin With the End in Mind.


Rob said...

I want to know something from your last do you get such great shots of your kids' sporting events??? Like the one of Beverly making a save? Every time I even try to take a picture of Caleb it seems he gets scored on! So, I have just given up taking pictures of Caleb at his games, it is so much better for all of us. HA! -Diedre

Alisa said...

Luck, I think. That one MIke took with his iPhone. I take my camera, but like you, miss most of the good shots because I am too into the game.