Thursday, August 15, 2013

week 30

On July 23rd we decided to take the kids to Seven Peaks, with all the crowds and germs.

That night we joined the Bearnsons for the traditional night at the rodeo.

Uncle Randy a creepin' in the background.

Then on the 24th we watched the parade.

This little man is quite a hunter-gatherer. He runs and collects the goods and brings them back for the rest of us.

Jessi and Max.

Jack and Drew.

Jessi and Henry.

Max and Bev.

My mom and dad.

The next day, Christian headed back to school.

His new duds.

We had a ribbon-cutting ceremony at our school for the Leader in Me program.

Saturday was the perfect day for a hike, so we headed up Emigration Canyon for a beautiful hike and then dinner at Ruby's Diner.

Taking a little breathing break.

The youngest two took off.

The view was incredible.

We hiked to Ron's Peak.

On the way down, Christian's pants caught some "friends" in the form of stickers.

We played with helicopter leaves all the way down.

I found the most perfect birdbath for the backyard.

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CJ said...

Crowds, germs, friends, family, animals, activities and exhaustion. What more could you ask for.