Wednesday, August 14, 2013

week 29

Christian was headed back to school the next week, so it was his week to choose the activities. His first request was the Natural History Museum. Mike met us there. We are members, but just happened to go on a free-to-the-pubic day, so it was pretty busy.

All summer long, we let the kids sleep together in the family room. They watched movies or Disney Channel and then zonked out.

Jess had made a tent for her and Freddy.  He stayed there all night with her, although I'm not sure he really had a comfortable exit.

I have been attending City Council Meetings to fight a zoning change that would affect our school. This one went for 5 hours.  I left the kids home, and then someone at the meeting told me our power was likely out. When I got home I discovered that the kids, who had been watching tv, got out all the flashlights and read books and played games.

A typical summer evening. Christian making something, investigating something, creating something--tonight he broke out the snow cone maker. Bev and Drew doing dishes after dinner in the backyard which was followed by a swim at the clubhouse.

Most of the yard renovation is complete. We still need a few plants and lights.

The new stairs.

We started taking our Activity Day girls to the Cub Scouts camp last summer. I went with Jessi one day, and oh she had a blast. She especially loved the BBGuns, archery and slingshot.

Jess and Hailey at the flag ceremony.

A lot of the girls had a crush on our camp counselor.  I think next year we might have to request a girl, or a not-so-cute boy.

Jess and Alex.

This is what I see from the kitchen window a few times a week--Mike adjusting sprinklers with his handy sprinkler cart (which used to be the kids' wagon.)

Every night after dinner, we pick veggies or berries and water the new plants.  I'm already dreading the end of summer.

Our trampoline gets a lot of use.  We had a few springs pop out, one while Christian was nearby, so Mike took it off and we got a new one.  This is the third trampoline mat we have had in 5 years.

Mike, Bev and Kiki were gone camping.  Drew didn't want to go as he had just gotten home from his big hike and campout and Jess doesn't enjoy camping in the mountains, so the three of us hung out together and had some Five Guys.

Mike took Christian, Jess and Courtney on a hike/campout up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It was a long, steep hike, but the kids were troopers.  They all carried their own packs and hauled their own stuff up that mountain.

Afterward, they found their favorite new place to eat--Pie Five.

Even a big tough hiker boy needs his stuffed monkey on his campout.

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CJ said...

To be able to enjoy this summer both together and separately has been wonderful for you. You have gone so many fun places, accomplished so many projects (love your yard) and just plain enjoyed each other. Hope we can all enjoy these last few weeks of summer and that fall will bring more fun for all of you.