Saturday, March 2, 2013

week 7

Monday we took a trip to Target to get the goods for Valentine's Day.  We also got the supplies Bev needs for her science fair project.

When it's homework time, I'm glad I have my partner in crime.  He usually takes the math.

I take the other stuff.

These two were supposed to be doing homework, but instead, Drew was filling her in on what middle school is like.

Whenever I go to pull photos off my phone, there are lots of photos I didn't know I had.  This is a real life picture of where I spend about one hour every day--cooking, dishes, etc.

Tuesday was the Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts.  It was a luau theme, and the boys, along with their families, were to make a Hawaii-themed cake.  I got this idea from Pinterest.  He insisted that the cake be orange jello poke cake, and he made the cake.  I helped him with the frosting.

I put the coconut bras and grass skirts and sunglasses on the Teddy Grahams.  He did the swimsuits and placed all the bears on the sand or in the ocean.

We made one bear to represent each member of our family.  Jessi is in the orange swimsuit with a bow in her hair.  Christian is face down in the ocean, snorkeling.  Drew and Bev are sunbathing on beach. Mike is walking in the water with snorkel gear on.  I am the surfer, wearing only a lei.

By the end of the week, I had five of these from the school in my car.  Between Chinese New Year, School Community Council and Valentine's Day, it felt like I lived at the school.

As much as I don't like it, Andrew has a Valentine.

The three younger kids picked these little sack kits.  They looked cute, but they required a lot more work than I was anticipating--times three.

Christian's were ninjas.

Bev picked rock star girls.

Jessi picked the princess kit.

We made animal Valentine's boxes--another example of a good idea that required a lot of work.

Bev made a cat.

Christian did a cheetah. Picture taken at his class party.

Jessi did a zebra. Picture taken at her class party.

Mike and I celebrate Valentine's Day with the kids and go out together a different night.

I did the tradition--butcher paper on the table and heart-shaped breakfast foods for dinner.

We write love notes to each other.

Between all of the animal needs and parties, I have taken multiple trips to Petco and Hobby Lobby this week.  I'm glad they are so close.

I had a lunch date with my besties, and this guy joined us.  I could listen to his stories all day.

The kids are happy that the sidewalks are finally clear of snow so that they can ride scooters and skateboards to piano lessons.

Mike and I went out and left Bev in charge.  She made dinner--mac and cheese and fruit--and planned some activities for the little kids.  Mike also got them a Redbox.  He and I went to dinner and a movie and then to the Nike store because there is always something we "need" from there.

Christian took Freddy out for a potty break, and took one himself.

This dog is very well-loved.

Bev is having a lot of pain in her toes, and may have an infection.

Mike helps coach Christian's Jr. Jazz team.  It was the last game of the season.

The weather was fabulous after church and C and J walked home.

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Rob said...

OH my goodness, such a busy lady you are. I love the valentines, so detailed and fancy. And the boxes, my kids always make their own, but never with fur. :) I also love Max, he is such a character. And I cannot even remember all the things I was going to say to you, you have such a fun fam. _Diedre